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Brazilian Cherry


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Brazilian Cherry

The rich beauty of the Brazilian Cherry floor provides the setting for your lifestyle. This floor not only adds value to your home but you will also enjoy a floor who's richness only improves over time. This hardwood floor tends to become darker as it ages with time. Our Solid Wood Flooring are manufactured with the most advanced technology. These products are designed to be nailed down over plywood. Solid wood flooring should only be installed on or above grade. The interior climate should remain consistent to reduce the natural expansion and contraction of your floor. Hardwood flooring not only enhances the appeal of your home but adds value and beauty as well as insulating your home. This floor will hold its elegance over the years with a minimal care and maintenance. This floor is manufactured with the greatest care and backed by a warranty that assures your satisfaction. We believe in environmental and corporate social responsibility. For every purchase made by our customers, we will sponsor the planting of a tree in their honor.

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Brazilian Cherry

Hardness Rating

Our hardness rating measures and ensures the hardness of wood. It is the best measure for the wood species ability to withstand denting and wear. It also indicates how hard the wood species is to saw or nail exposure.

Color Variant

Each species is characterized unique with distinctive rich natural colors and grain. A spectrum of colors may be represented within just one exotic species, adding character to the hardwood flooring and establishing a beautiful assortment of colors.

Photo Sensitivity

Photosensitivity measures the scale of dark shades the floors will develop through the exposure to sunlight, while enhancing the natural essence of the exotic species. Through the maturation process of your flooring, the color will acquire a deeper and richer depth.


Color: It varies in color from red to orange-brown marked with dark brown streaks with golden luster. It darkens to a deep, reddish brown with time.
Grain: Regular to irregular grain is usually slightly interlocked, uniform medium to coarse texture.
Variation: Moderate to high color variation.


Hardness: (Janka 2,820) , harder than Red Oak,( 1210 Janka).
Dimension Stability: Average (8.5; 1% more stable than Northern red oak) Longer than normal acclimation time is recommended.
Origin: South America
Finish: Our floors have 8 layers of low gloss lacquer made by Treffert. It contains: aluminum oxide, U.V. and anti-scratch.
Flooring available: Solid & Engineered Hardwood Flooring
Sizes: Solid ¾ x 5 RL 1 – 6 ft. Engineer 5/8 x 5 RL 1 – 6 ft. The Engineer flooring has a back support of a 9 ply birch plywood for maximum stability. The wear layer single strip solid is a 4mm top layer glued on the plywood with the latest cold press technology
Moisture Content: 7 – 9 %
Warranty: 25 years limited warranty.