Arimar Introduces Wire Brushed Hardwood Floors with the new Castello collection

Wire brushed hardwood floors consists of running a wire brush over wood flooring, creating a rough, hard surface. The wire brush gets rid of the soft wood on the surface, making the floor more durable, less slippery, and easier to maintain.

Benefits of wire brushed hardwood flooring:

  • An intensified grip: The rougher surface of wire brushed floors give it a better grip than smooth hardwood floors, which can prevent dangerous slip and falls.

  • Toughness: Wire Brushed floors can withstand wear and tear, making them a great option for households with kids or pets. This quality will also enhance the life of the floor. While wire brushed floors tend to be more expensive than plain hardwood floors, they will undoubtedly last longer, give you a better bang for your buck.

  • A unique look: Many flooring experts recommend wire brushed floors to obtain the European look.

  • Maintenance: Wire Brushed floors are meant to have a rough, earthy feel. For this reason they are easy to maintain.

Wire brushed hard wood flooring comes in a variety of colors from White Washed Oak to Cognac and Espresso color. No matter the style of your home, you can always find the proper finish to compliment any room or décor.

Oak Symbolizes Elegance & Strength

Tradition-honored and timeless, Oak floorings symbolizes Elegance & Strength. It is considered to be the best and most durable, and as such it is particularly suited for highly frequented areas. Place your trust in the experience gained by many generations of users

Wire brushed hardwood floors are tranquil in appearance, slightly varied coloring and granular structure,

Whenever you decide to change interior decor, you should carefully consider the color scheme of not only the walls and furniture, but above all the one of the floor.
It is the floor that is one of the most essential décor elements, for it creates the atmosphere, points the direction and enhances the aesthetics of the interior.
The Castello collection's engineered wire brushed hardwood floors offer a perfect solution for all who seek and demand color and style choices. Our varnish, oil and stain finishes bring out the sophisticated and original character of our wood floors. The beautiful grain and wood structure becomes highlighted.