Design Inspiration: Bold Interiors

Why play it safe with uninspired design, when out-of-the-box styles, like these, make such a big impact? As popular as neutrals are, they’re not entirely exciting. Decorating wisdom recommends keeping major investment pieces like sofas and cabinetry neutral, but sometimes the unexpected can be just what your client is looking for. You can play with patterns and mix-and-match colors and fabrics in the bedroom, infuse color in expected spaces like the kitchen cabinets, make space for quirky pieces of furniture that inject personality into an otherwise muted living room. The point is, there are many ways to bring in bold design into décor, and it doesn’t always have to be bright colors or richly patterned designs. Here are five bold original interiors for inspiration.

Albatron Rustic French White Oak

Combining different shades and hues of a single color is a popular design move in monochromatic schemes, but it becomes bold and original when you layer in dark, stately pieces of furniture and add unexpected design elements like a zebra-striped rug like these homeowners did.

St. Tropez Rustic French White Oak

Stairs are an oft-overlooked place to take a chance with design. Stairwells are small, contained spaces without furniture and other elements that might compete with an unexpected floor or wall treatment. This is a staircase we saw in Lourdes, France, and we thought it simply stunning.

If you’re ready to go all out with an expressive color, but aren’t quite ready to commit, then find a knock-out accent piece of furniture that excites you and weave that into the room’s décor. You don’t always need a ton of patterns to make a bold statement. Sometimes, the combination of a striking color and single pattern (like with this magenta chair) is enough.

You can still get an original, eclectic look without going wild. Try painting an accent wall or mounting colorful artwork like these homeowners did when they wanted to start experimenting with color.

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