How to Design a Room with Dark Wood Floors

With the warmth and versatility of a brown palette, it remains one of the most often used color schemes in homes and offices. Dark hardwoods can complement any room of a home. When working with dark hardwood, there are a variety of ways to complement or contrast the overall design of the room.

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Using different shades of brown in your space can make a luxurious statement. In a space with dark floors, you can pull light into a room with lighters cabinet choices, white painted walls or patterned area rugs and accessories that provide rich contrast.


Walls can complement or contrast with a hardwood floor. Light-colored walls contrast with dark floors, creating two focal points. Whereas dark walls blend in better with dark floors, creating a more neutral look. Pairing brown with pure white, such as in the pictured kitchen above, makes for a striking statement.


Windows and natural lights are other ways you can enhance the overall color scheme of a room with dark hardwood floors. In an ample room with large windows, drapes, curtains and shades can be used to create a dramatic contrast. For a room with smaller windows, allowing natural light to come into a room also showcases the beauty of the wood’s natural grains.

Furniture and cabinetry

Furniture and cabinetry also affects the visual appearance of a dark hardwood. To brighten a room, consider opting for light-colored or white pieces, such as in the pictured kitchen. If you are going for a more traditional, neutral look, you may want to think about using wood pieces that blend in with the natural wood coloring.


Accessories and small pieces are interesting and creative ways to complement the overall design of a room and enhance the hardwood flooring. Brown and creams are natural complements to dark hardwood; pastels also work well. Artwork and rugs work to the same effect. Metallic, such as the gold-trimmed lighting fixture pictured, can add a wonderful, unexpected pop in a space.