Design Your Perfect Floor

Our exclusive Design Your Room tool lets you help your clients design their dream floors in their space. The interactive tool is free and easy to use and always features the latest colors and styles by Floor Art. Here’s how to maximize the tool for your design projects:

Choose Your Room

First, pick a space from the “Gallery” – whether living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, or public buildings, the tool lets you envision what your design in mind will look like in a space. (Hint: The ‘laying angle’ tool on the bottom left allows you to experiment with different angles of laying wood flooring planks – 0, 45, 90 and 135 degrees.)

Select Your Products

Next, browse wood flooring products and collections. Choose “Products” by coloring (light, medium or dark) or by product line. You’ll always find the most up-to-date information about items under “Product Information.” The Room Planner also offers alternative suggestions to view.

Compare Flooring Side-by-Side

To see what a light or dark color wood flooring would look like, select “Compare,” which lets you see rooms side-by-side. We’ve noticed that this function is especially useful for helping clients who are on the fence when it comes to selecting the right color flooring, especially darker colored flooring options.

Save Favorites

Now that you’ve created a few project examples of your own, save clients’ favorites to the “My Favorites” folder. This makes it easy for people to go back and review as they make the ever-important flooring decision. You can also choose to print out preferred flooring layouts to keep on hand in client files.

Our expert wood flooring specialists at Arimar are here to help you with all your flooring and design needs. Call us today for a consultation.