Featured Floor: Watzmann European White Oak

Beautiful and timeless, our Feature Floor Watzmann European White Oak is a popular flooring choice among our clients. It offers both elegance and durability to a wide range of residential and commercial spaces. Whether you’re designing an old world living room or an industrial kitchen, Watzmann hardwood flooring adds an element of rustic beauty, creating an inviting and welcoming space.

The Look

The Watzmann Rustic European White Oak hardwood floor offers a decorative, sophisticated look. Its warm brown tones balance modern edges while hand textured finish adds character. This dense oak wood has a light smoked appearance that has a moderate variation from a gray-brown color to honey undertones. Its smooth lines are wire-brushed. This accents the deep textured grain resulting in subtle texture variations.

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The Size

Because the planks are a wider width, each plank shows off a much larger portion of the wood’s grain, displaying impressive patterns and color variations. Wider planks also mean fewer seams between planks; many any homeowners like the way this feels underfoot as it creates a smoother surface. The larger portion of a grain that’s shown on wide hardwood planks also creates a rustic feel that’s very popular in current décor.


The Durability

Made with European White Oak, this hardwood floor offers strong durability and excellent resistance. The use of Heveas or Rubber core in the engineered construction makes this floor environmentally friendly.  This European oak floor is offered in 7.5-inch wide planks and is sturdy enough to handle heavy foot traffic, which works well for rooms in homes or commercial spaces with high use like entry ways and hallways.


One of the things our customers love most about Watzmann European White Oak hardwood floor is the unique beauty it adds to a space whether residential or commercial. Contact us, our team will be more than happy help you create your next project.