Pictured: Metz Brown Rustic European White Oak

Five Reasons To Love Wood Floors In 2018

Wood is one of the oldest and most durable flooring types in the world. Professional designers will tell you that wood wins on its innate, natural beauty and prestige. The fact that they’re just as practical as they are pretty makes wood floors a top choice for any space, whether personal or commercial. Here are five more reasons to love hardwood floors in the new year.

Wood floors make an eco-chic statement. Made from renewable resources, wood floors make a “green” statement in every room. Plus, wood’s natural qualities also encourage you to bring the outdoors in, which is a trend in modern interior design.

Wood floors keep homes healthy. Wood floors by themselves help maintain indoor air quality. Because they are easy to care for and tend to collect fewer allergens and less dirt than other flooring varieties, wood floors can help you keep a home healthy.

Wood floors offer variety. No other flooring choice can match the character, impact and warmth of a beautiful wood floor. When you consider the various species, colors, surface textures and plank widths available, the variety of options available for hardwood floors is almost endless.

Wood floors increase home value. Not only are they proven to enhance beauty of a home but also home value. Wood floors say: “This home is built of quality.” Additionally, realtors will tell you that having hardwood floors throughout your home not only increases the resale price of your home, but can also limit the amount of time it spends on the market.

Wood floors last a lifetime. Quality wood floors can last virtually forever when properly installed and kept. Every piece of wood also has its own story with unique qualities making each plank truly one of a kind. And when you bring wood into your home, it also develops its own character in its home.

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