Flooring Trend: Matte Finish Hardwood

Smoked Oak Rustic European White Oak

Hardwood floors are known for their gloss and shine. A question we often hear and our customers say they get from clients is about what makes flooring shiny and if there’s a difference between the shine factors.

Where exactly does that shine come from?

A hardwood floor’s gloss comes from the amount of light that is reflected off them. Typically, a hardwood floor’s shine is measured by its luster, on a scale of zero to 100.  The floor’s luster is the amount of glow that is seen from reflected light. Here’s how the shine level compares across finishes:

High-gloss = 75% or higher

Semi-gloss = 55-70%

Satin = 30-50%

Matte = 1-20%

How do the finishes compare?

As you can see, matte floors have the least amount of shine. Everyone has their preferences. Some people like the glossy finishes for their aesthetic. Glossy floors can look rather impressive and make a statement in a home. But For consumers who are craving a truly “natural,” clean feel to their homes, matte finish is ideal because it accentuates the natural look of the wood.

Why matte finish?

A matte finish does not reflect as much light as a glossy floor does. As a result, a benefit of matte finished floors is that, in general, they hide dirt, scratches and imperfections better than high-gloss finishes. This is especially good for families with young kids, pet owners or for high-traffic areas because they don’t show as much dust, dirt or prints.

Valencia Rustic European White Oak

How are the floors Arimar carries finished?

Many of our flooring collections are finished with an extreme matte UV-top coat that features the look and feel of a natural oiled floor. If your client is interested in matte finish hardwood floors, they will like our wide plank, white oak floors. Smoked Oak Rustic European White Oak, which has a rich chocolate tone, is a top seller. In our Iberian Collection, Valencia Rustic European White Oak, which has a well-balanced tan and grey coloring, is a popular choice.

If you or your client have any questions about floor finishes in general or would like to learn more about the finishes of our hardwood floors, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.