What To Know About Color Variation in Wood Flooring

Wood is a natural product. Maybe it goes without saying, but it is important to note that because wood is a natural product, that means each piece of wood is unique. This includes coloring and variations within that coloring. Natural hardwood boards vary in color from board-to-board. Every piece you get is different. This variation is part of the wood’s beauty and it is normal.

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Many factors affect the color of the board: the species of the tree, where the tree grew and the local climate, when the tree was felled, how it was sawn and dried, when or if it was milled, for how long it was stored, how the wood accepts the stain. With so many variables to consider, it is understandable then that you my notice differences in color and grain as well as imperfections that make each board unique. For this reason, when you open a box of hardwood flooring, you may see that there are variations in shading, tree markings and grain patterns. Remember to assure your homeowners and clients that these attributes are normal and should not be cause for concern to them.

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Also note that hardwood floors can change color naturally over time. Most species will darken with time into richer shade variations than from when you originally purchased and installed it. Some species will lighten over time. Again, this is normal.

Now, that we have covered what is considered natural color variations, it is also necessary to review what problems with color variations may arise, such as fade markings or spots. Fade markings can occur where furniture has been placed and or moved around or where flooring is hit with constant direct sunlight. Rotating furniture on a regular basis can help prevent fade markings. For rooms that are sunlit for the majority of the time, consider placing an area rug in those areas consistently within direct sunlight or hanging light opaque curtains or blinds over windows, which filter sunlight while maintaining room bright.

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