How to Make Bold Colors Work in Your Space

Vibrant colors bring a welcome brightness into your space. Certainly, we see the use of bold colors in children’s rooms and playroom, but they also work in other living or work spaces. Bright colors work especially well to liven up small spaces. For areas, which may not get much light or are overly dark, vivid colors also help add a welcoming energy. Here are some design tips for incorporating bold or bright colors into your space.

Seville White Oak, Iberian Collection

When considering which bright colors to use in your space, choose those that are more timeless.

With so much design focus on minimalism and neutral interiors, consider blending in your vibrant colors with neutrals such as white, brown, gray or black. They can help create a sense of contrast.

Similarly, mix negative space into your room, such as leaving trims, baseboards and some wall areas white. The negative space will help make your color pop.

Think about using a vibrant color for an accent wall. You can also bring in the use of bright colors with accessories such as decorative items and in artwork. Colors such as orange, lemon and lime are especially good choices as these colors tend to be vibrant, happy and bright.

One note of caution, do stay away from using too many colors in a space as this can create a sense of chaos and lack of cohesiveness. Incorporating two to three is a good rule of thumb. Remember, less is more.

In this lovely sitting area, all these elements come into place. The use of two timeless colors, negative space with contrasting white wall and trim, melon accent wall and decorative turquoise pillows – all go seamlessly well with the more subdued hues use in the space.  They also highlight the rich golden tones of the hardwood white oak floors. They make an otherwise stark space feel more warm and welcoming.