St. Tropez Rustic European White Oak



Rustic European White Oak

9/16 x 9 ½ x 96” (85% of its boards)

Smoke, Reactive Stain, Smooth, Bona finish.


Construction: T&G, 3 Ply Engineered floor. The use of Heveas or Rubber core makes this floor environmentally friendly.
Finish: Bona Naturale.
Sizes: 9/16 x 9 ½ x 96”, (85% of its board), with a 3.2mm wear layer.

25.32 SQFT. /Box

Reactive Stain: it’s a new process where metal salts react with the tannin and cellulose to create colors that look like the wood is that color. As opposed to stain which make the wood look less natural. You have 3 D appearance so it looks natural with the variations. Also, the stain penetrates the wood by 0.5 mm as opposed to regular stain that sits on top. This process mutes any red there is in the oak so whites don’t look pink. The process is done by hand making each board unique.

Bona Finish: It was made originally for the restaurant industry. It has an anti-slip agent to it which is beneficial but can mean a bit more aggressive cleaning when it gets dirty. However, the biggest benefit is that it remains flexible and doesn’t crack or chip when the floor is abused so it holds up better than much harder and thicker polyurethanes. The low build and super matte sheen of the finish allows it to look like oil so much that it’s almost indistinguishable to the eye.

This a rustic grade floor, knots and color variation is expected.

Warranty: 25 years limited warranty.