The Timeless Beauty of Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Beautiful and timeless, wide planks and long lengths hardwood floors have become a trend in Florida and across the country. It offers a unique look, warmth, elegance and durability to residential and commercial spaces alike. Plank width is one of the most important design elements of any wood floor, and over the last several years, wide planks have evolved into a must have for interior décor.

When it comes to flooring, wide plank simply means boards are wider than about 3”. On average, wood flooring strips range from 2.25” to 3.5” in width. At Arimar, we specialize in wide plank hardwood. Arimar’s collection of wide plank flooring range about 5 ¾ “to 10.”

One of the reasons why wide planks have risen in popularity is the aesthetic appeal they lend. A wider plank shows of the beauty of the wood’s natural grain, patterns and color variations. This is especially true if you choose a floor with a standout grain like the Rossell  9 ½ x 96” European White Oak such as in the beach house in Sarasota living room pictured below.  It is a way to bring nature inside your house.

Rossell Rustic European White Oak

The wide planks create a rustic feel that is very popular in current décor. Whether you are designing a den, bedroom or commercial space, wide hardwood planks add an element of rustic charm to the space and create a warm and inviting atmosphere as you can see.

Because of their versatility, wider planks work well in all spaces, large, small, residential or commercial. If you are working with a small space, more seams can make the space look even smaller. By using wider planks, this can reduce the number of seams, making the room look ample and airy. Wider planks also mean fewer seams between planks, which helps to create a smoother surface.

Wider planks aren’t just suitable for rustic interiors and small, casual spaces, they are also perfect for the modern interiors and look striking in the most luxurious of homes. The same wood flooring in the above photos is also pictured below.

St Tropez Rustic European White Oak

Contact Arimar to talk about your project and we will be happy to direct you to a specialist that will help you discover the perfect floor for you.