Turn Inspiration Into Your Perfect Floor

As we welcome the new year, Turn Inspiration Into Your Perfect Floor, we welcome new trends in home décor. Flooring is no exception. Choosing the perfect flooring can be a challenge. With Arimar’s online Room Planner, we make the decision for you and your clients a little easier. Here’s how it works:

Choose a room from the gallery

Whether living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom, the Room Planner lets you envision what your design in mind will look like in a space. The ‘laying angle’ tool allows you to play around with different angles of laying wood flooring planks – 0 degrees, 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 135 degrees.

Find flooring inspiration from our collections

Once you select the room you want to design, you can browse our collections of wood flooring products and customize your flooring. This is a great tool to use when visiting with clients. The Room Planner lets you also filter by your choice color palette – light medium and dark hued wood. You can also filter by product line. Based on the selection, the Room Planner gives you alternative products to browse as well. For example, if a client wants to see what a dark wood chevron flooring would look like in their living room, you would select the following:

Gallery: Living Room

Products: Coloring – Dark; Product Line – Smoked Brushed Oak Rustic

Compare various colors and styles side-by-side

Want to see what a light or medium color wood would look like versus a dark wood? The ‘Compare’ tool allos you to select different options and view how the rooms would look side-by-side. This is especially useful for clients who aren’t sure about color, in particular when it comes to dark wood, which can often cause some hesitation among homeowners. Continuing with the above example, you could choose the following for comparison:

Gallery: Living Room

Products: Coloring – Medium; Product Line – Watzmann Rustic European White Oak

Voila,  a side-by-side comparison of the same living room with two different flooring options:

Pictured: Rossell Rustic European White Oak on the left; Watzmann Rustic European White Oak on the right

Create projects

Create, store and share different ideas with different points of inspiration by saving projects in the ‘My Favorites’ folder. way, they can go back and look at the designs they’ve made and share their ideas to get opinions and ideas from family and friends as they make their decision.