Upcoming trends in wood flooring for 2017

What can you expect to see in 2017? Here are three trends to watch in the flooring industry that will continue to trend in the coming year.

Hand-scraped: Contractors are noting growing interest among homeowners who want to replicate the rustic look. This has led to an upswing in demand for distressed, hand-scraped flooring. These floors are also practical; many homeowners select hand-scraped floors to place in spaces that may sustain wear and tear.

Kitchens: The “great room” concept uniting kitchens and family rooms into one expansive space is gaining popularity, according to home designers. With an increase in homeowners asking for open concept spaces, it has become more common to see hardwoods on kitchen floors, which create a seamless, flow between the spaces.

Wider planks: We have seen preferences in hardwoods lean toward wider planks or toward using multiple-sized planks. Wider planks give a room the appearance of added depth, making them particularly good to install in a small room or open floor plan to make the space look bigger.

Metz-Brown Rustic European White Oak