The Well Traveled Look Global Design Style

Colorful hues and big, bold patterns, with influences from South America, are behind the latest home and interior décor trends, including hardwood floors. More and more, consumers want to adopt some sense of personalized history and authenticity to their homes. Designers are taking their cue from this trip through design styles from around the continent, giving spaces a personal touch.

This trend is joyful, colorful and vibrant. The result is an unexpected style with re-purposed product design, spontaneous improvisation, and an eclectic mix of color and pattern. Some of the items you might see trending inspired by this big, bold trend are: scrap wood re-purposed as wallpaper, a fan reclaimed as a lamp, cork and felt transformed into a rug, recycled skateboards made into stools, bulbs recreated into a vase. Handcrafted wood flooring, such as the Valencia Rustic White Oak from our Iberian Collection pictured above, with authentic wire-brushed finishes lend themselves well to this new trend.

Pictured: scrap wood repurposed as wallpaper by Piet Hein Eek

This design style is characterized by ornate accessories and details. A reclaimed and repurposed design agenda is inspired and reinforced by the exuberant energy of a fusion of cultures. Important materials include reclaimed woods, handcrafted wood flooring, brightly colored woven and knitted yarn constructions, cork, scuffed leather and bamboo. The strength of inspiration which derives from global art, cultural motifs and specialized techniques can be applied to all manner of colors, textiles and decoration – from accents, decors, wall treatments, rugs, cushions, throws, towels and bed linens. What emerges is truly unique and show stopping.